An Update on SHIM & My Other Projects

An update on SHIM, and my other software projects.

I’ve started working on my open source stuff again, and it’s exactly as fun as I remembered it!

I’m now developing code on Gitlab instead of Github, because of the recent acquisition of the latter. Despite Microsoft’s recent efforts to be more friendly to the libre software community, their actions are still detrimental. Patents, DRM, and vendor lock-in are terrible for the end-user’s freedom. Thus, I am taking a principled stance and moving my personal projects to Gitlab.


SHIM is nearly feature-complete, so all I really need to work on now is creating a decent collection of themes. I’m working on adding support for different Hugo Archetypes and integrating some of Hugo’s newer features such as support for AMP and robots.txt. SHIM is already pretty great, and I think anything that gets added on top of that is extra.

I’m planning on evangelizing SHIM to a few people to get it moving, but that’s about it. Ideally, I could get other people to hop on the project, but that’s not my top priority.

Oh, and I added very basic archetype support to SHIM. Here’s a sneak peak. Hint: the page is in the /project subdirectory instead of the /post.