Privacy Policy

It's a privacy policy, so you probably won't read it anyways.

This policy is effective as of July 23, 2018. This policy may change at any time without prior notice.

Your privacy is important. I will do my best to safeguard it and protect it. I will only collect and/or ask for information on a need-to-know basis, or as I explicitly state.

Who Gets Your Info?

I will not sell your information or give it to any third parties, with the exception of when I am required to by Federal United States law or the law of any states or subdivisions thereof.

Information I Collect

Assume that I will keep your data indefinitely. I rotate web logs every month, but I may accidentally collect other information which slips between the cracks.

  1. I automatically collect information about your web browser when you visist this site ( or any of its subdomains). I do not share this information with third parties. I store browser-related data as anonymized information.
  2. I may collect your email, name, or other relevant information when you voluntarily provide these to leave a comment on this site. I may store information related to your accounts on third party sites when you leave comments through them (e.g. through Google or Twitter).
  3. I collect your coarse location, as determined by your IP address.
  4. There may be other ways that I accidentally collect your data. I’m only human.

How I Use Your Data

In general, I may use your data to publish relevant findings. When I publish these findings I will take care to sufficently anonymize any data about you that I collect.

  1. I may use your data to improve this website. I may use information I collect about your browser to help me determine what platforms I need to optimize this website for.
  2. I may use data I obtain about you to classify or fight spammy, malicious, or otherwise unwanted behavior. For example, I may implement a spam filter which learns to differentiate between good and bad messages based on your comments.
  3. I may use your data to tell anecdotes (I will try not to reveal your identity). For example, if there is a hacker conference in Maine, and I notice a spike in traffic to my site from Maine, I may point out that I received quite a bit of traffic from that hacker conference in Maine.
  4. I may use your data to publish reports. For example, if I notice that 87% of all of my site’s traffic supports a certain web browser feature I may publish that finding. I will make sure that any personal data is anonymized before I publish it.