About Me

My name is Cameron Conn, but I go by many names.

I’m a student Auburn University studying Business and Computer Science. I typically write on here about cybersecurity (hax), programming (ugly hacks), projects I write (duct-tape-hot-glue-and-bandaid-hacks), or current happenings (social engineering).

I …

  • … like long walks on the beach drives through the mud
  • … breaking things then fixing them
  • … like the outdoors (and exercise!)
  • … write in C, Python, Java, Go, Javascript, CSS, and HTML.
  • … am an Eagle Scout
  • … write stupid things on this blog

Talk to Me

I’m on GitHub, Twitter, and I also have an email.

You can find a copy of my PGP key here. The key’s fingerprint is:

4141 B493 C79D 12B2 1409  D7C0 3051 3855 949E DB41