Recent Site Downtime

Recently this site experienced some downtime. This was related to both (1) Go breaking on the latest OpenVZ kernel patch 2.6.32-042 and (2) my TLS certificate expiring.

Go looks borked on OpenVZ until it moves to 3.X. As for the certificate that has been fixed.

From Lighttpd to Nginx

I recently moved this blog from Lighttpd to nginx. Lighttpd was good for a while, but now that I have plenty of experience rewriting server configuration rules, I feel that I’m ready for nginx. To be upfront, nginx configuration isn’t that hard at all. The only issues I seemed to have was that I was unfamiliar with the terminology or what I wanted to make happen with nginx. For example, when I first started being a sysadmin, I had no clue what a scheme, URI, or the status codes were.

Lets Encrypt (This Website)!

Looks like I got in to the Let’s Encrypt Beta Program. As of now,,, and now use a certificate from Let’s Encrypt. I had to do some work to make sure everything works with Lighttpd, but so far so good. This included concatenating the cert.pem and privkey.pem together to create a single lighttpd.pem file that lighttpd could handle. I’ll start using the cert with Postfix soon too. I’m now going to start redirecting HTTP requests to HTTPS, as well as fixing links within this website.

Redirecting Email with Postfix and MySQL

TL;DR: Skip to the sections titled The Actual Commands and Command Breakdown. The guide assumes you have completed the NSA-Proof your email guide. I followed this tutorial on setting up an email server. Although some parts of the setup (especially the parts about spamd) are outdated, it’s still a pretty good guide. In particular, it’s missing instructions on redirecting mail between accounts. This post is how you can do that. Let’s say you have a myraid of addresses on