I Told You So, Lefties

Last Tuesday was Election Day in the United States, and after the dust settled quite a few people were shocked. Liberals and lefties, this is what happens when you get trapped inside your safe space echo chambers. When you ignore things that upset you, you ignore the truth. You leftists got cocky, and now you’ve lost. Congratulations, the right is in control now. We have the Senate, we have the House, we have the SCOTUS appointments, and we have the Presidency.

Nate Silver Considered Harmful

As the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary comes to an end, so has Nate Silver’s credibility. Silver is known as the whiz kid who predicted the 2008 and 2012 general presidential elections using historical data. It’s just sad that Nate Silver is consistently wrong lately because of his overt bias (that apparently he can’t recognize).

The Insecure of Things

So weev had some fun with printers recently. With 6 lines of shell, weev not only trolled hundreds of people from across the Atlantic Ocean, but also showed how screwed IT security is. If any of the affected organizations used even the most basic security measures, all of this could have been prevented. It’s sad that in $CURRENT_YEAR companies still can’t be bothered to implement the simplest of security measures. But this post isn’t about anything Andrew Auernheimer has done, it’s about something worse – the Internet of Things (hereafter referred to as IoT).

KeePass is Complicated

For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing a small program to parse KeePass 2 database files (the ones that end in .kdbx) using Go. I’ve been using this blog post which details the file format but it’s still damn complicated. For example, the headers are a Type-length-value list. Note that TLV is meant for communications protocols (where bandwidth is limited), not for disk-based storage). Fair enough, I’ll deal with it.

Bye Bye Capslock

Hate Capslock? Me too. Nobody uses it on purpose. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve used the Capslock key unironically. Time to rebind it to escape. That’ll be far more useful with vim. xsetkbmap -options caps:escape Good riddance.

IRC - Inconsistent Relay Chat

Right now, I’m writing an IRC server, and it’s turning out to be incredibly frustrating so far. For example, one thing I’ve had trouble with is MODE commands. The documentation in RFC 1459 is barely enough to understand what’s happening, and answers on SO just leave me more confused. I can’t believe that one of the most popular protocols on the planet has so little documentation. Luckily, Hexchat has a nice Raw Log feature.

Mozilla Madness

Mozilla just announced the depreciation of XUL and XPCOM, which power Firefox’s famous addons. Understand that these two features are old, so Mozilla may just want to clean up some of the older legacy code. However, this change is going to kill Firefox’s killer feature: addons. This has been Firefox’s best feature for a while. The gamut of addons that the current system provides is ridiculous. Why Mozilla would want to remove their biggest weapon against other is beyond me.

WTF Mozilla?!11!

Note: I edited this post on July 6, 2015 to add content about Firefox Hello. This post was originally published July 4, 2015 Note: This post serves solely as a rant and provides no constructive criticism. Mozilla, one of the last open-source web companies has made many questionable decisions in the recent past. I’m going to skip over many of the minor whoopsies Mozilla has made in the past few years (very many), and focus on the big, big mistakes.