I Told You So, Lefties

Last Tuesday was Election Day in the United States, and after the dust settled quite a few people were shocked. Liberals and lefties, this is what happens when you get trapped inside your safe space echo chambers. When you ignore things that upset you, you ignore the truth. You leftists got cocky, and now you’ve lost. Congratulations, the right is in control now. We have the Senate, we have the House, we have the SCOTUS appointments, and we have the Presidency.

Nate Silver Considered Harmful

As the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary comes to an end, so has Nate Silver’s credibility. Silver is known as the whiz kid who predicted the 2008 and 2012 general presidential elections using historical data. It’s just sad that Nate Silver is consistently wrong lately because of his overt bias (that apparently he can’t recognize).