I Told You So, Lefties

A brief preliminary analysis of the 2016 US Presidential Election

Last Tuesday was Election Day in the United States, and after the dust settled quite a few people were shocked. Liberals and lefties, this is what happens when you get trapped inside your safe space echo chambers. When you ignore things that upset you, you ignore the truth. You leftists got cocky, and now you’ve lost. Congratulations, the right is in control now. We have the Senate, we have the House, we have the SCOTUS appointments, and we have the Presidency. Now that the right is in control, we are coming for you.

The outcome wasn’t that far from what the numbers and common knowledge suggested (Source: LA Times Daybreak Poll). In fact, I called 47 out of 50 states. Now, I didn’t expect Trump to lose Nevada, but I’ll exchange that patch of sand for Michigan and Wisconsin any day of the week.

I believe the following two images sum up the post-election quite nicely:

Pundits and leftists after hearing the election results

Trump supporters after hearing the election results

Plenty of pundits and analysts have been smearing Trump, and saying that he has no chance. In fact, I remember the heralded Nate Silver joking about how unlikely Trump’s chances of winning were in March:

Ouch. You’re 0 for 2 there, buddy. Nate Tinfoil: you no longer have any credibility (not that you ever had any to begin with). You predicted perhaps the easiest election ever in 2008, but you let it get to your head. Pride comes before the fall, and now you can’t get up.

Trump will be president. He won the election. I was right all along, and I told you so!